Blast from the Past – - – Time Capsule Project of memories, events, and ideas!

Time Capsule for Coop High School Students called “Blast from the Past” is now being created!!! Give us ideas for what to save from this time period…

This year (2013) our Writing Hub will be doing a time capsule project with some students from Coop High School called “Blast from the Past.” Students will be doing video messaging, newsletters, and personal/ peer assessments to capture this very moment in time for them and the many relationships and experiences that come with this period.



They will be locking away memories, stories, images and other manner of artifacts that best depict this great year we are living in. These creative students from Coop HS will be very famous 20 years from now once this time capsule is opened in the year 2033 or so we hope. The longer it stays closed the better the time capsule becomes!

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