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Students of Coop High School After School (CAS) will be given the opportunity to work under the guidance of Rap Poet Self-Suffice and spoken word artist Aaron Jafferis in the after school program titled “RAP” (rhythm & poetry). If you happen to be a student at Coop High School and you’re interested in evaluating music and poetry while also creating your own materials please sign up for RAP today with Ms. Pugh!

Meet the spoken word artists in these videos:

The Hub
Kaneesha Parsard
, PhD Candidate in African American/American Studies at Yale will be teaching IMAG(IN)ING THE ELM CITY, a Spring Writing Hub that will produce works of fiction and will culminate in an audio-visual showcase of students’ imagined Elm City. This means whether you identify yourself as a dancer, a painter, a singer, or an actor, you will have the chance to collaborate with other students to produce a public exhibition and publication in the CCC space. Writing Hubbies will not only engage in weekly writing, sharing, commenting, and editing workshops in an intimate environment, but also explore performances, art, and literature borne out of New Haven. The dual process of writing and exercising other art forms will inspire new possibilities of articulating the world you wish to create.
Here are what other students have said about the Hub:
“Hub Teachers worked skillfully and openly. They were mentors and friends at the same time.” –Amber Farquharson, 11th grade, Coop
“The Hub made me realize how complicated my mind is and how to break it down to someone else.”  –Imani Manick-Highsmith, 10th grade, Coop
“The Hub made me go outside my comfort zone.” –Izaiah Brown, 9th grade, Coop
“There is always room for laughter at the Hub.” –Isaiah McKnight, 10th grade, Coop
Email info@coopcreativity.org if you have any questions! Apply through Coop Arts High School After School Programs.

The Writing Hub
 (a.k.a. “The Hub”) is a writing center for New Haven public high school students. We cultivate a safe, creative writing space that builds a community of diverse student writers, encourages habitual self-reflection and self-expression, and incubates New Haven’s unique young voices. We welcome all kinds of writing! Students come to polish their class essays, jot in their journals, or produce poetry, fiction, and spoken word. Students also engage in fun writing exercises to expand their range of voice. Visit our storefront at 195 College Street or this website for the latest work by students and announcements for open mic nights, publication release parties, and readings by local authors!

Congratulations to the follow Coop Arts High School students who have been accepted into The Hub:

  • Najeem Abubakar
  • Arijan Ager
  • Alexander Brandy
  • Lesha Cousins
  • Jessica Dilieto
  • Jason Dunn
  • Gina Eburg
  • Amber Farquharson
  • Lania Horton
  • Frances Lott
  • Felicity Madore
  • Imani Manick Highsmith
  • Isaiah McKnight
  • Elly Nuy
  • Salina Ortiz
  • Alexandra Quinones
  • Izaiah Richards
  • Mishele Rodriguez
  • Laura Sadowski
  • Amanda Sielaff
  • Lindsey Spears
  • Clinton Suggs, Jr.
  • Aiden Turlington
  • Joshua Villanueva
  • Avery Wesson
  • Justice Whitaker
  • Tiffanie Wiggins

Interested in teaching or learn more about New Haven’s most vibrant student writers? Email us at info@coopcreativity.org

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